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The right place to improve your fashion culture.

What is this place?

The Fashion Library is a free space where you can learn something more about fashion.

We all know wich are the latest trends and the most glamourous fashion blogger, but do you really know what is fashion and how is this huge field structured?

I am here to share with you interesting contents about the world we all love and to discover more in depth the secrets and the behind the scenes of this one.

Are you ready? Let’s go learning!

Articoli recenti

The 5 Market Segments you should know about Fashion System

Today we are introducing the concept of Fashion Market Segmentation. The fashion market structure is a fundamental element you have to know in order to understand all the economic phenomena that revolve around this sector and that help us understand how it works; in this way you will be able to recognize to witch segment/categoryContinua a leggere “The 5 Market Segments you should know about Fashion System”

Does Fashion mean Luxury?

First of all, congratulations! You are reading the first article on the blog, thank you! I want to start from the botton of the fashion concept: – What is Fashion? – What is Luxury? – Does Fashion mean Luxury? Imagine you are facing a job interview and the recruiter ask you this 3 question: howContinua a leggere “Does Fashion mean Luxury?”

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